The Best Electric Motorcycles of 2023

3. Damon Hypersport HS

Damon Hypersport HS
Image Source: Pexels, Instagram, Pixabay, google, Wikipedia (Image credit to respected owners)

The Damon Hypersport HS is an all-electric, high-performance motorcycle made by Damon Motor Inc. and is the second model to be released since the company was founded in 2017. The company focuses on different aspects and has certainly done a lot to develop the tech behind it. For instance, their CoPilot system is something we have never seen before on any other motorcycle up until they revealed their models. The Damon Hypersport has a feature called Shift that enables it to change the riding position while the bike is moving from a sport riding position to a more upright riding position that is better suited for commuting in the city or urban areas.